Paul Poynter:

For those who choose me to be their wedding photographer I always make sure I take the time to get to know them. Understanding what they want to achieve from their wedding or photo shoot is essential because, to me, that understanding is key to delivering beautiful photographs which people will be proud of now and for years to come. Creating memories that will last generations.

My style of photography incorporates classic, contemporary, fun and modern styles that I hope you find honest, beautiful and emotive. This stems from my passion for photography and I aim to exceed all of my client’s expectations.

Photography has always been a part of my life whether it was capturing a golden beach sunset, fast jets or a cheeky smile from my children. Commercial clients include NHS, RAF Air Cadets and Synergy Events Emerging Trends Fashion Show 2012 in Paris.

Although we do work internationally we are based in Clevedon, North Somerset and work mainly in The Cotswolds, Avon, Bristol, Portishead, The South West, Somerset, Devon & Cornwall.

My other passion is flying and aviation and if I am not behind the lens then I am often found behind the control column of one aircraft or another!

Jonathan Jelfs:

We live in an amazing world and there is a sense in which all of us are ‘riding the light’ – we are here because of the energy of light that allows life, and we see and understand the world through that light. Photography is an extraordinary creative ‘science with art’ that allows us to convey the effect of that light and form visual images that communicate beyond words. The act of photographing a scene, event, family, person or unfolding drama requires the photographer to look deeply and to see the moment: a moment held by the photograph offering its light to the future, conveying the memory and message of that moment beyond words – the photograph says it all.

Ever since I bought my first SLR camera in 1978 I have been fascinated by camera’s ability to capture the scene or memory but also to offer us more than we originally saw. A photograph has the capacity to take in so much that when we look again it expands our vision, offers new insights and deepens our understanding of what we originally saw and experienced.

After a career in medicine it delights me to be involved professionally in photography being able to give myself fully to creating beautiful or thought-provoking images through my work with Paul Poynter at White Dove Photography, complementing each other in our style and approach. Together we share a genuine interest in our clients and in the creative possibilities that come with every photographic opportunity.

I think weddings are amazing. It is such a privilege to share these important occasions and to record them photographically. I particularly appreciate the significance of the ceremony itself and also those informal spontaneous moments that can be captured in a photojournalistic way without the need for any manipulation by me.